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Modern disinfection facilities.
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Modern disinfection facilities.

Under the wise leadership of the President, a number of important measures are being taken to ensure the protection of the population and the implementation of healthy lifestyles, as well as comprehensive measures to prevent the spread and spread of the world's most dangerous infectious disease. As a result of this large-scale work, our people live a healthy and peaceful life.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of our esteemed President, since the first days of acute infectious diseases in the world, work has been carried out on a systematic basis to prevent the spread and spread of infectious diseases in our country.

First of all, the order of transportation of goods and goods in the border checkpoints of the country has been regulated, and the work of all services at the customs points has been coordinated. At present, in accordance with the transport logistics strategy of our country, the work of neutralization of all vehicles entering or transiting the country is carried out in a highly organized manner. In addition, the Dashoguz regional customs checkpoint at the Dashoguz highway checkpoint and the Kunyaurgench checkpoint at the Kunyaurgench highway checkpoint at the Dashoguz regional customs checkpoint were closed.

With the effective use of the capabilities of state-of-the-art disinfection facilities at customs checkpoints on state border checkpoints, all vehicles coming from or passing through foreign countries, i.e., vehicles, trailers, disinfectants and other disinfectants in these facilities are disinfected. is carried out.