Online services for freight forwarders
25 Jan
Online services for freight forwarders

Demirýollary OJSC presented innovative solutions for the transport and logistics infrastructure of the region. The specialists of the joint-stock company, together with the business company Asman Oky, have developed and implemented an automated system of online services for processing international cargo transportation. With the help of a new digital system on the website, a shipper can obtain and register a railway code, which will provide access to a personal account. The website offers a number of convenient online services for customers in our country, as well as foreign shippers. After authorization, a user can fill out an online application and pay for the shipment of the cargo, select a wagon, track the movement of cargo, the State News Agency of Turkmenistan reports.

This is a great resource for anyone using rail transit. The automated system of OJSC "Demirýollary" provides online services for international cargo transportation. Manufacturers that establish export-import trade relations with Turkmenistan, as well as enterprises that organize the shipment of transit goods through the territory of the country, will now also be able to complete applications and payments online without opening a branch in Turkmenistan and without appointing a representative.

According to experts, the automated digital system will significantly contribute to the development of the transport and logistics structure of the region. Enterprises implementing large-scale projects in the country can now use the rail link for the transport of goods and equipment. Due to the advantages of the automated system, delivery to the destination will be carried out no later than the scheduled date. This will greatly affect the cost and timely implementation of industrial and construction projects.